About Davis Active Club

“To change your body, you must first change your mind.”

Welcome to the Davis Active Club, a fitness and wellness space to help get you to a healthier and happier you!

Congratulations for taking the first step and getting here, now let's get started...

Purchase either the PDF GYM or HOME E-Book, join the club, and become a member.

What the Club Includes:

  • 6 Week Fitness Program: Either Home, Gym, or Both Home and Gym. 6 Weeks, 5 active days a week focused mostly on growing the booty, of course. 3 Lower Body Days focused on glutes and legs and 2 HIIT Days focused on abs and total body.
  • Diet: includes guidelines I use for my diet, but not an actual meal plan
  • Waist Training Tips
  • Motivational Facebook Group with direct access to me, Casi Davis, weekly updates and motivational tips for all members.

Home Guide: Dumbbells and Mini Band Suggested, but not required. Can do exercises with bodyweight instead. 

Challenge: With the purchase of the guide, you can automatically enter any of our quarterly 6 week fitness challenges. Best transformation will win! First place prize is $1,000, Second Place prize is $500, and Third Place prize is $250. Club members are eligible for other giveaways and goodies that will take place in the Member Only Facebook Group.